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1.1. Welcome to MyFreeGames.

1.2. Before using the Service, please read these Terms of Use carefully. By installing, using or otherwise accessing the Service, you agree to the applicability and content of these Terms of Use and the applicable privacy policy. Some elements of the Service, such as web pages or portals from which it is possible to download games or pay in-game credits, may require the acceptance of additional terms and conditions of ours or of our suppliers, licensees or other third parties, which will act as a complement to the these Terms of Use. By using the aforementioned services, you agree to comply with these additional terms and conditions. If you do not consent to the use of the Terms of Use, Applicable Privacy Policy or additional terms and conditions, do not use the Service.


2.1. With prior consent and continuous respect by the user of these Terms of Use and any other applicable policy or other terms and conditions, MyFreeGames grants the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-transferable third party, revocable, limited license and subject to the limitations specified below regarding access and use of the Service for non-commercial personal entertainment purposes. You agree not to use the Service for other purposes.

MyFreeGames offers a wide range of games both on its portals and on other platforms, such as application stores. The games are free, unless otherwise indicated. The user is however to be considered solely responsible for the payment of any costs arising during the use of the Service through any wireless communication service or of any other nature. In some games, the user can purchase virtual items (such as game items or virtual coins) or subscription plans for downloading a game.

2.2. By creating an account, the user confirms that he is 18 years of age or older.

2.3. A username is a unique identifier, selected by the user or provided by us, used to identify the user within the Service. The user has the right to one account and one account per game. In the event that more than one account is registered to a user, MyFreeGames reserves the right to delete any of the accounts. It is forbidden to sell, rent or assign your Account, create an Account using false information or identity, or create an Account on behalf of third parties. If you notice that an unauthorized access has been made to your Account, the user is asked to contact us immediately and immediately change their login credentials. The user is considered solely responsible for the confidentiality of his access credentials and for any purchase made through his Account, authorized or not. In the event that he has specified his contacts, the user undertakes to provide such data accurately and to keep them updated. The user must use his / her Account for non-commercial purposes only.

2.4.MyFreeGames reserves the right to permanently suspend and deactivate any Account that has been inactive for 180 days. In the event of deactivation, we have no obligation to keep or provide data or content relating to the Account, nor to refund payments made through it; we may also allow other users to register using the disabled username. Furthermore, we are not required to remove data, content or other information in the public domain, uploaded or published within the Service by the user.

2.5. Without prejudice to other remedies, MyFreeGames may limit, suspend, discontinue, modify or delete accounts or accesses to the Service, or part of them, if the user violates, or if MyFreeGames suspects that the user violates the Terms of Use, o in the event of improper or illegal use of the Service, real or presumed, without notice. MyFreeGames is in no way obliged to compensate the user for any losses or results deriving from this, including, but not limited to, any benefit, privilege or virtual object associated with the use of the Service by the user.


3.1. The Service may contain content from players (“User Generated Content”), such as messages, posts on bulletin boards, opinions, comments, images or graphics. MyFreeGames does not actively participate in the creation or publication of such User-generated Content, nor does it approve, nor guarantee that they will not harm any third party rights or otherwise violate the law. Use of the Service is at the user’s risk. By using the Service, the user may be exposed to Content generated by other users that may be offensive, indecent or otherwise contrary to your expectations. All risks associated with the use of any User Generated Content available in connection with the Service will be borne by the user. MyFreeGames is not and cannot be held responsible for user-generated Content. We would still be grateful to anyone wishing to report any irregularities in the User Generated Content by writing to Following a report, we may take action against the User Generated Content reported, in ways we deem appropriate under the circumstances (and at our discretion).

3.2. By submitting User Generated Content, the user grants MyFreeGames a non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, transferable, fully paid license, free of charge and usable all over the world (including the right to license and assign to third parties) to use, publish, reproduce, distribute, modify, use to prepare derivative works or exploit in any other way the Content generated and sent by the user, or any part thereof, through all possible means and in all multimedia forms currently known or that may be developed in the future. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, the user waives any and all moral rights or advertising rights or confidentiality regarding such User Generated Content.

3.3. Without prejudice to the provisions of point 3.2, the user may retain ownership of the User-generated Content. We reserve the right to monitor User Generated Content and user activity related to the Service, but we cannot monitor or analyze all User Generated Content in advance, nor do we intend to do so. We have the right, but not the obligation, to modify, refuse to publish or remove any User-generated Content that appeared on the Service, at our discretion, for any reason and at any time.

3.4. By submitting User Generated Content within the Service, the user:

acknowledges and accepts that each user of the Service will have access to such Content and that MyFreeGames has no control over the information published or the uses that users make of it;

warrants that it is authorized to do so and to grant MyFreeGames the license mentioned in point 3.2; also warrants that such Content does not harm any third party rights, including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights, and does not violate any applicable legislation. The user releases MyFreeGames from any claims, related expenses and damages requested by third parties (including authorities of any kind).

3.5. At the first request, the user must cooperate with MyFreeGames to identify any Content generated by the user himself or by other users, or other activities related to the Service, which are suspected of being illegal, fraudulent or improper. The user indemnifies MyFreeGames and its officers, managers, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures and employees from any claims, related expenses and damages deriving from or otherwise connected to any disputes with users of the Service or other third parties that may arise or otherwise be related to the use of the Service.


4.1. In providing games to our users as part of the Service, we may display advertisements before, during, after or around the games. Any agreement reached between the user and any of the advertisers through our Service will be understood between the user and the advertiser, and will be subject to any additional terms and conditions applied by the advertiser. MyFreeGames is not responsible for any losses or claims that the user can make towards advertisers.

4.2. The Service may include external links to third party websites, including links provided as automated search results. The presence of such external links does not imply that we endorse the corresponding websites or third party services. The user acknowledges and accepts that we are not and cannot be held responsible for content or other materials present on these third party sites.


5.1. The user may use the Service offered exclusively for legal, personal and non-commercial purposes. To the extent that content is available for download, that content can only be downloaded for personal use and cannot be reproduced or distributed further. Any download will be subject to the rules governing the use of the downloaded content.

5.2. User cannot:

commit actions that MyFreeGames deems to be in conflict with the spirit or purpose of the Service;

use tricks, exploits, automation software ion, bots, hacking tools, mods or any unauthorized third party software designed to modify or interfere with the Service;

use the Service in ways beyond the rights of use granted to the user;

use the Service for data mining tools, robots or similar data collection and extraction tools from content; frame any part of the Service;

reproduce, copy, retouch, show, modify, translate, convert, publish, license or sub-license, transfer, distribute or otherwise exploit the content available within the Service without the prior written permission of MyFreeGames;

reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, decipher or otherwise attempt to trace the source code of any software or other intellectual property used to provide the Service, or to obtain information from the Service using methods not expressly authorized by MyFreeGames;

offer any form of advertising or promotion on the Service without prior written authorization from us;

provide false personal information, or information, content or materials on behalf of third parties without authorization;

transmit, directly or indirectly, unwanted group communications (including e-mails and instant messages) through the Service;

use the Service in ways that damage, disable or overload our servers or networks;

interfere with any other party’s use and enjoyment of the Service; neither

circumvent any mechanisms included in the Service in order to avoid the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of the contents present in the Service.

5.3. The user cannot send or transmit through the Service information, content or materials or otherwise take actions that can:

violate or infringe the rights of other parties, including, without limitation, patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, advertising or other property rights;

be contrary to the law, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, deceptive, fraudulent, harmful to the privacy of others, tortuous, containing explicit descriptions or narrations or in graphic form of sexual or pornographic acts;

attack, harass, degrade or intimidate an individual or group of individuals based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age or disability;

impersonate individuals, businesses or entities, including MyFreeGames and its employees and agents;

contain viruses or other codes, files or computer programs which interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of software, hardware or telecommunication equipment, or which otherwise allow the unauthorized use of a computer or a network of computers;

encourage behavior that could constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability; neither

otherwise violate these Terms of Use, guidelines or other policies published in the Service.

MyFreeGames reserves the right to determine what behaviors are to be considered in violation of these Terms of Use or otherwise outside the spirit or purpose of these Terms of Use. MyFreeGames reserves the right to apply countermeasures, such as suspending the user’s Account or prohibiting him from using the Service, in whole or in part.


6.1. Some games offered as part of the Service allow the user to purchase a limited, personal, non-transferable, non-transferable and revocable license for virtual objects (such as game elements or virtual coins), game progress or subscription plans for (the download of) a game (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Paid Services”), provided that the user has an Account registered in the Service. You can purchase Virtual Items exclusively from us or our authorized partners through the Service, and in no other way.MyFreeGames can manage, adjust, control, modify, delete or change the price of virtual items and / or services in any moment, with or without notice. MyFreeGames will not be liable to you or any third party if you exercise these rights. It is forbidden to transfer virtual objects, except in cases where this is expressly authorized in the Service. Unless expressly authorized in the Service, the user will not be able to sell, redeem or otherwise transfer the virtual objects to other subjects or entities, including, but not limited to, MyFreeGames other users or third parties.

Any purchase made through the Service will require the user to accept an agreement with MyFreeGames or with the Payment Service Provider (“PSP”) in charge of managing the transaction (in which case, the payment screen will show which PSP you are running with through the payment). As a parent or legal guardian, he is responsible for any payment by credit card or other payment instrument (e.g. telephone, SMS, PayPal) performed by the minor in the context of the Service.

6.1.1. If the agreement is concluded with a PSP, MyFreeGames can never be held responsible for the communication between the user and the PSP, and all information exchanged by the user with the PSP will be subject only to the privacy policy and / or to others terms and conditions applied by the PSP. Some PSPs allow pre-authorized recurring payments: in this case, the user accepts any terms and conditions that the PSP may apply to such recurring payments. For the avoidance of doubt, MyFreeGames is not and will not become part of the agreement between the user and the PSP. By resorting to a PSP for payments within the Service, the user relieves MyFreeGames from requests for payment or of any other nature that the PSP may make following the non-execution of a payment. If paying by credit card, the user can enable the 1-click payment option, if offered by the credit card provider. By enabling and using this option, the user accepts all the terms and conditions set by the payment service provider and by the credit card provider for the use of the option. MyFreeGames is not responsible for the use of this payment option.

6.1.2. All information provided by the user in the context of payments or the provision of services through the Service is subject to the applicable MyFreeGames Privacy Policy. You agree to pay all applicable taxes and costs associated with your Account or the use by others of an Account registered in your name.

6.2. By purchasing paid services through the Service, the user renounces the right to cancel purchases and request a refund of payments made, since the use by the user starts from the moment of supply, and not from the moment of the first use of the virtual objects within a game.

6.3.MyFreeGames and / or its licensors may manage, regulate, control, modify or delete the Paid Services at any time, with or without notice. If this event occurs, MyFreeGames and / or its licensors would not be considered responsible towards the user or other third parties.

6.4. Once payment for a Paid Service is made through the Service, no right to a refund is guaranteed. MyFreeGames reserves the right to cancel and delete (the balance of) the paid Services purchased, in whole or in part, if:

the user has not used his Account for 180 consecutive days, as previously established in point 2.4;

we no longer offer the content or Service to which the Paid Services refer (or their balance), subject to prior notice by MyFreeGames to such an extent;

you do not comply with these Terms of Use.

In this sense, there are no rights to reimbursement or other form of compensation for failure to use the Paid Services.

If a paid service is no longer available after a transaction but before downloading, the only remedial measure envisaged is that the user is reimbursed for the price paid for the unavailable virtual product. If technical problems prevent or unreasonably delay the supply of the virtual product, the only and exclusive remedial measure envisaged is the replacement or reimbursement of the price paid, as established by SPIL Games.

We will accept the return by the user of products that are not virtual products (e.g. virtual goods, subscriptions and game progress are virtual products) purchased through the Service, provided that the products and packaging are in their original state and are returned within thirty (30) days from the date of shipment. When we send physical products to the user, we include a return authorization form that will need to be attached to any item that the user decides to send back. Virtual products are not refundable or returnable, except in our sole and absolute discretion.


7.1. The Service includes numerous contents, brands, data, works and materials of MyFreeGames and third parties (hereinafter collectively defined the “Contents”), including, but not limited to, logos, trademarks, look and feel, trade names, software , games, layouts, information, text, data, music, videos, images, scripts, projects, graphics, button icons, instructions and illustrations.

Unless otherwise specified in writing, all Content is believed to be owned by, controlled or licensed by MyFreeGames or its licensors. All contents are protected by copyright pursuant to.


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